Welcome to Cardini Leather USA, your place for all sorts of gun holsters and accessories. We at Cardini Leather, handcraft gun leather and nylon holsters to the highest standard. We only use quality, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather. Our leather holsters are wet-molded around an actual handgun casting and then hand-pressed for a finished distinctive appearance. Cardini combines generations of artisan expertise and experience in handcrafting only the finest quality leather products. Our artisans are committed to give you a unique exquisite detail leather product at a fair price and in turn help keep this incredible craftsmanship alive.

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A new sporting goods section in our store. We will be adding high quality items in this category from some of the top leading manufacturer's so be sure to check this section of our site regularly for new items. To kick it off I would like to introduce the Leapers UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest in black. See the below images for some of the features in this vest. 


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Paddle Leather Holster

We've made some changes to one of our most popular items the Leather Paddle Holster. First our paddle holsters now have suede lining on the interior. We used to have a fixed paddle and one with an adjustable paddle via two retention screws on the back. From here on out we will only feature the adjustable paddle. The paddle can be worn inside the waistband or with a belt that provides exceptional stability without sacrificing comfort. We are one of the few if not the only one that features actual premium leather on the paddle making it more comfortable wear. Our paddle holster has been well received, and we have received great reviews, here are few of what some of our customers have to say.

"I recently purchased a holster for my Glock 42 from Cardini Leather. The holster is well made. The stitching and lining is outstanding as is the fit. In short the holster makes the carrying of my weapon easy while proving quick access and retention. I would recommend anyone give Cardini Leather favorable consideration when purchasing a holster". - J. White

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Nylon Quick Draw Belt Slide Holster

We have our new Nylon Quick Draw. The Quick Draw is a belt slide holster with minimal design ideal for daily wear. The velcro thumb-strap is easily removed if desired to carry more like an open top style holster. Available for most of your semiautomatic's like the glock's, 1911's and much more. 


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